THE RSPCA has confirmed that there was no foul play surrounding the recent deaths of the Bude swans.

The 'Post' recently reported the sad news that the two swans, which became a regular sighting along the Bude Canal, had been found dead.

An autopsy was carried out and Jo Barr, RSPCA spokesperson, said the fact that both swans died at the same time was simply a co-incidence.

The autopsy report showed that the male swan died of an enlarged heart, with no sign of it having been shot or suffering trauma.

The female swan did have a trauma to her chest, which caused internal bleeding. However, the injury did not suggest that this was a deliberate act, and she could have flown into something, which triggered the bleeding. Again, there was no suggestion that she had been shot.

Jo explained that if the vet thought there was anything to indicate the swans had been deliberately targetted, an investigation would have been carried out and an appeal for information made.

Is it understood that a resident of Bude has contacted the swan sanctuary at Abbotsbury in Dorset with a view of having some more swans in the Canal.