Bude-Stratton Town Council (BSTC) have responded to public concern regarding the financing of Stratton’s community shop and Post Office. 

Back in April, Bude-Stratton Town Council saved Stratton Stores at 1 Lord’s Court from closure. 

At the time, Cllr Peter La Broy, Cornwall Council member for Bude explained: “Purchasing this property is a big commitment made by BSTC to the people of Stratton. It will enable a solid future for the shop and provide several homes at reasonable rents for local people. 

“The council as a responsible landlord can be trusted to look after the property for the long-term, and while the property will need some refurbishment and there may be some disruption whilst repairs and modernisation are done, I feel sure most people will be glad that we have made this ambitious move to secure homes and the shop for Stratton.” 

However, at the most recent full council meeting, a member of the public expressed their concerns regarding the cost of the purchase. 

They said: “This place up in Stratton that you’ve bought, how much are you spending on it? Because this is our money, and you lot are throwing it around like confetti. 

“How much more are you going to be spending on it?” 

Speaking to the Post, a BTSC spokesperson said: “Bude-Stratton Town Council acquired the site at 1 Lord’s Court in April 2023, demonstrating our commitment to preserving this valuable community asset. 

“The property encompasses the Stratton Post Office, a community shop, and residential flats above. The decision to purchase was met with widespread approval from local residents. 

“The property cost £285,000, with additional urgent maintenance works totalling £8,900. Further assessments for upcoming works are ongoing. The council’s investment has been partially offset by rental income from the post office and flats.

“At present, there are no intentions to alter the property’s current use. The town council is steadfast in its commitment to maintaining the shop and post office while ensuring residents have secure and comfortable housing.” 

Mayor, Cllr Mike Dawe, added: “We value the input of our community and the importance of transparency and community well-being. The decision to acquire and invest in Lord’s Court was driven by a desire to secure essential services and enhance the local living experience.”