Bude-Stratton Town Council have spoken out over "mindless vandalism" leading to the closure of a public toilet.

The council have expressed their frustration following an act of vandalism at the public toilets at the town's Tourist Information Centre.

A spokesperson for the council said: "We have had yet another incident of mindless vandalism over the weekend in the TIC toilets. The disabled toilet was targeted this time and while we have installed CCTV, it only covers the entrance to the male and female toilets.

"It is disheartening to witness the actions of a small minority affecting the entire community. Vandalism not only causes inconvenience and financial burden to the town council but also tarnishes the overall experience for all visitors and residents. "

The spokesperson continued: "The door has been locked and secured while they [the facilities team] wait for a new door. Sadly this means that as a consequence of the vandalism the disabled toilet is not accessible until we can repair it."

The council has said it will work as quickly as possible to repair the damage and has also asked that anyone with information about the incident contact them.