During a recent cadet training assessment weekend camp held at Okehampton 17 year old cadet Serjeant Lydia Girdler received three awards.

First was her Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award completed by participating in activities and volunteering within and outside of the ACF. Her second award was the senior Army Cadet Sylabus 4 Star Badge for which she completed a senior signals course and First Aid at Work certification. Finally Lydia was promoted to cadet Staff Serjeant making her one of the two most senior army cadets in North Devon.

Lydia has also been accepted by Devon ACF as a Staff Cadet meaning she can stay on beyond her 18th birthday to complete more advanced training as well as support the detachment adult team in delivery of weekly training.

Speaking after the awards Detachment Commander Lt Jim Harvey said: “These are well deserved awards and recognition for an extremely dedicated mature and hard working army cadet repected by her peers and adults.”

Holsworthy detachment will be open to new recruits from October and is currently seeking new adults to train as instructors. For more details search Devon Army Cadet Force.