Padstow and Newquay Coastguard Search and Rescue teams rescued two people on Tuesday after two people were rescued after they became stuck at the bottom of cliffs near Treyarnon Bay. 

Teams from the Coastguard Search & Rescue used a rescue sling to pull the casualties up the cliff at Fox Cove at around 1.00pm.

A spokesman for Padstow Coastguard said: “We were tasked to reports of two persons stuck at the bottom of the cliff.

“On arrival at the scene, team members met with family members on the cliff top who pointed out the two casualties and explained that they had been traversing an old Fisherman's path up the cliff but were unable to make any further upward progress.

“Having explored a number of extraction options, the teams implemented a full rope rescue setup and lowered two cliff technicians down to the casualties. Having made sure that the position of the casualties was safe, the first casualty was recovered by a cliff technician with the rescue sling while the second tech remained with the other casualty.

“At the top of the cliff, the first casualty was assessed while the team lowered the cliff technician back down to the rescue site. The second casualty was then recovered by the other cliff technician, again using the rescue sling.

“With both casualties assessed to be uninjured, the cliff technician was lowered back down the cliff to the recover his colleague using the assisted ascent method.

“Our thanks to our colleagues at Newquay Coastguard rescue team for their attendance and assistance with this rescue.”