THOUSANDS of people from across Cornwall were able to tick one thing off their bucket list on Friday and Saturday night when they were treated to the magical glow of the Northern Lights.

Many people flocked to beauty spots to watch the spectacular light show but the powerful geometric storm was so strong the colourful display could also be seen from back gardens.

The lights occur when charged particles emitted from the sun reach the Earth’s atmosphere and collide with gases around the magnetic poles triggering breathtaking celestial shows.

The Northern Lights were less visible on Saturday night but many people who missed them on Friday were still able to witness the phenomenon.

Video of the Northern Lights above Port Quinn by James Robinson.

Below are just a few of our favourites captured by you:

Huer's Hut (Picture: Davies Kelly) ( )
Newquay War Memorial (Picture: Brett Morison) ( )
Newquay (Picture Rob Booth) ( )
Newquay (Picture: Sean Sykes) ( )
Towan Headland (Picture Sean Sykes) ( )
Aurora surrounds the house on Towan Island (Picture: Ella Roman) ( )

The view of the sky in Bodmin
The view of the sky in Bodmin (Lynne Phillips)
Cornwall Northern Lights
Purple filled the sky in Lostwithiel (Helen Baylis)
Northern Lights in Cornwall
(Finbolena Foley)