By Bruce Draper

Local cycling club Launceston Velo held their “Spring Forward” Treasure Hunt Ride on Sunday, March 26, and with the help of local cycling charity fundraisers, Birds on Bikes, raised £200 in aid of the Children’s Hospice South West.

Riders gathered early on Sunday morning, ready to brave the rain and hills for the treasure hunt.

The ride involved solving cryptic clues in hidden “treasure chests” that, once answered correctly, gave them the location of the next treasure chest.

Setting off from Launceston Cycles, riders from the Wadebridge Coasters Cycling Club, closely followed by riders from the Widger Spoke Easies, went in search of the first treasure chest. Shortly after, the riders from Launceston Velo headed out.

The first treasure chest, full of confectionery, was easily found, hidden by the tree at Trebursye Oak.

The second location - found just as easily at the top of St Catherine’s Hill, where riders took in the magnificent views of Launceston Castle. The treasure hunt then continued over to Polson, through Lifton and then up to Cookworthy, where they were treated to an alternative view of Cookworthy Knapp – known to most of Cornwall as the “Nearly Home Trees”.

Continuing in the rain along some very muddy roads, the riders made their way back through town, along to the Hidden Valley followed by a climb up to the A395 in search of the last treasure chest at Tregadillett.

On returning to Launceston Cycles, everyone enjoyed hot drinks, cakes and a raffle, with all proceeds going to Children’s Hospice South West.