THE community committee and children at Trekenner Community Primary school are undertaking a community enrichment project where they are looking for ways to improve the local area and have created a GoFundMe page to help them reach their goal.

Their plan is to create a sensory garden, seating area and den building area at the top of Jubilee field in Trekenner.

The committee believes this project will enhance the community because it will create a lovely place for locals to sit and enjoy the garden in the summer and it will make the field even better for children to play in during the warmer months.

Additionally, the garden would be able to enrich learning because pupils could use it during the school day.

A lot of hard work has gone into this project already. First, the committee had to convince Lezant Parish Council to allow them to carry out this project, which they did by writing to them and presenting the idea at one of their meetings.

The group was grateful to receive a donation from the parish council and school funding from the headteacher to get the project started. The area was then able to be cleared, weeded, and prepared for stage two.

As it is growing warmer, the committee has decided it is time to implement the next stage which is to begin making the flower beds and creating the seating area so that they are ready to begin planting in the summer.

Headteacher Marc Wheeler said: “As a school, we believe it is vital for pupils to understand their role as local and global citizens. Our Pupil Parliament is part of this drive. We have four committees: Curriculum, Computing, Eco and Community which include children from every year group. The Community Committee has a very important role as it is their job to try to find ways of improving the local community. I am immensely proud of the work the children are doing in their current project to improve Jubilee field, particularly since it has all been driven by them. They really are showing what incredible local citizens they are.”

According to the committee’s investigations, the next stage of the project will likely cost around £5,000. However, if they can manage to raise £1,000 of this, Mr Wheeler has said he will pay for the rest out of the school funding.

A committee spokesperson added: “Please, please help us to raise this money so we can get this project started and make Jubilee field even better than it is.”