It was straight back to London on Sunday for the first full week in Parliament following Christmas and New Year in the constituency. 

I had several action points that I’d picked up from constituents over the break that I dealt with, including ministerial letters on behalf of local people concerning casework and legislation. 

Along with my fellow Cornish MPs, I met with minister for local government, MP Simon Hoare, to highlight the additional pressures faced by councils delivering services in rural areas like North Cornwall. 

I was grateful to the minister for highlighting the money we have already secured for Cornwall through the rural services delivery grant, but it is clear to me that post-pandemic there have been changes to our demographics that mean these figures might need updating. 

The Minister was receptive, and I look forward to hearing more in due course.

I am sure many of you followed the news concerning the ‘Horizon Scandal’ closely and watched the excellent Mr Bates Vs The Post Office on ITV. 

As a postman before I was a Member of Parliament, I was around many of North Cornwall’s post offices when this scandal happened. 

I remember seeing postmasters and postmistresses in tears because they couldn’t balance the tills. It seemed to be obvious there was a big problem. 

The ministers responsible for overseeing the service weren’t picking up on it at the time. 

I am pleased that a historic injustice looks on the verge of being rectified, but my heart goes out to the hundreds of postmasters and Postmistresses across the country, including here in North Cornwall, who lost years of their lives to this utterly scandalous miscarriage of justice, and the representational damage that was done to them which they have lived with for years.

One of my campaigns over the last couple of years has been pushing for South West Water to give out free water butts. 

They play a small but vital part in helping to save water and take rainwater out of the sewage system. That’s why I was so pleased that South West Water began offering them, and I now know that nearly 3,000 households in North Cornwall have taken up their offer. 

This has saved nearly half a million litres of water. Good for our seas, good for our bills, and good for our environment.

Since my election in 2015, my office has actioned more than 60,000 cases on behalf of North Cornwall residents. 

If you require my help with anything, including benefits, the NHS, or cost of living support then please get in touch via [email protected] or 01208 74337. 

I hold regular advice surgeries across North Cornwall, over the phone and online. If you would like to meet with me this can be arranged via my office.