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CHRIS and Elain are pictured running the Pool’s pop up shop
CHRIS and Elain are pictured running the Pool’s pop up shop ( )

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FRIENDS of Bude Sea Pool (FoBSP) was delighted to hear back from Cornwall Council this last month. The charity has requested that its leasehold of the Bude Sea Pool office in Summerleaze Car Park is extended to match that of the Pool itself which is leased to the charity until 2111. The initial response from the council has been positive and FoBSP is encouraged that future development of the office may be possible.

With regards to the leasehold on the Pool area itself, the area includes from the outer sea wall up to the fence at the top of the cliffs behind the beach huts, and from the Summerleaze steps to the Middle Beach steps. And everything inbetween.

While the lease makes this the private property of Friends of Bude Sea Pool, the charity is committed to making access free and accessible to all and to keep the area safe and maintained. This is mentioned in FoBSP mission and vision statements and is part of the leasehold contract. It is at the heart of the Board of Trustee’s ethos for the charity.

Welcome one and all.

Become a Friend

If you would like to have representation in how the charity grows in the future, you might consider becoming a Friend.

For £12 as an adult or £30 as a family, a year’s membership not only means that you will be updated via e-newsletter, more importantly you will be able to attend our Annual General Meeting when Friends have the ability to vote on proposals put forward by the Board of Trustees. It is hoped that there will be a consultation with Friends later this year about possible developments. Becoming a Friend also is hugely important to the charity, not only for engagement, but to fund the increased running costs of the Pool. It now costs £10,000 more per year to have the Pool dredged and repaired each year. Along with an increase in staffing costs, the total annual cost is now £100,000.

Given that the Pool is not funded by the Bude and Stratton Council, Cornwall Council or central government, the commitment of local supporters and visitors is vital to its upkeep. The Pool now employs three part-time office staff year-round and seven part timeseasonal Pool staff (as well as a huge community of volunteers). This to keep up with the recent years’ influx of visitors to the area.

The Pool staff are an important addition to the team every year, from April to October. First and foremostly, they ensure that the area is safe for users and visitors, clearing away rocks, the odd jellyfish and unfortunately also some litter that is left behind. This is not the limit of their responsibilities. There is no entry system or fee to use the Pool nor any desire on the behalf of the charity to police the area. That being said, Pool staff are ambassadors whose responsibilities include making the area pleasant and safe for all to use.

They are asked to encourage users to follow certain rules. These include not climbing on the cliffs — a dangerous activity given the natural and frequent erosion to the area. Staff also discourage smoking, drinking and barbecues — all of which can unintentionally litter the area and/or create injury.

They will also ask users to not dive as the Pool is of variable depth and will have rocks in the bottom brought in by the tides. Dogs are also asked to be kept on leads.

All this is to look after both the individual and other users. Please note that the Pool staff are not lifeguards. While there is RNLI presence above the Pool to cover the Summerleaze area, by using the pool, you acceptthat you do so at your own risk.

Looking forward to seeing you down at the Pool soon. Please do come and say hello to our lovely Pool staff who can answer your questions about Pool and the charity. They can even help sign you up to become a Friend if you’re interested.

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