How photos can boost us

Saturday 2nd July 2022 6:00 am
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How photos can boost us ( )

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World Wellbeing Week, June 27 to July 1, promotes awareness of all aspects of wellbeing including social, physical, emotional and mental.

If the past couple of years have taught us anything, it’s that protecting our wellbeing in every sense is incredibly important.

This World Wellbeing Week, photo printing experts CEWE share insight into how looking back at our treasured memories can have a positive effect on our mental wellbeing, as well as three ways you can use your photos to do so.

A photo expert at CEWE said: “When thinking about things that promote positive wellbeing, we tend to think of the obvious activities that are usually discussed including exercise, getting plenty of sleep or meditating.

“Of course, all of these are incredibly valuable to encourage positive wellbeing and make us feel good. But the impact of looking back at our photos and reminiscing on treasured memories is actually something that is often overlooked – but can be one of the most effective. Photos have a magical quality that allow us to be transported back to our happiest memories. When you capture a moment in a photograph, whether it’s a family portrait, a holiday of a lifetime or a fun weekend trip with friends – you can instantly feel yourself back in the moment just by looking at the photo.

“We tend to remember the things we could see, smell, hear and, most importantly, feel when we look back at our photos.

“This instant feeling of positivity that we get from reminiscing impacts our wellbeing in such a beneficial way – helping us to instantly feel a sense of positivity. It also helps us feel closer to loved ones and reminds us of those precious moments that we hold so close.”

Here, CEWE shares three ways that you can utilise your photos to boost your wellbeing in the run up to World Wellbeing Week:

Turn them into a photo book

Photo books are the perfect way to display a selection of all your favourite photos. Every time you turn the page, you’ll be reminded of the moments that meant the most and are able to reminisce on treasured memories that will boost your wellbeing. Create your photo book to showcase your wedding photos, a family holiday or special milestones through the years.

Make a gallery wall

Displaying photos in your home means that you will be instantly transported back to happy memories when you see them each day. A gallery wall is the perfect way to showcase your favourite photos – regardless of your space. Choose from big canvas prints for special moments to create a focal point, or smaller photo prints that you can display in your bedroom for a more personal touch.

Keep a photo (or two!) on your desk

Whether it’s your dining room table if you’re working from home or your desk in the office, keeping a photo that reminds you of a happy memory is a great addition. It will add a touch of ‘you’ to your workspace and will make you smile whenever you see it. Choose from a photo of you and your partner, your favourite furry friend or a fun weekend with friends to instantly brighten your workspace and boost your wellbeing!


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