Keeping up their community giving, Launceston Community Market has supported a local youth project with a financial donation.

Launceston Youth Project aims to support young people with their transition from childhood to adulthood through social education and signposting to partner agencies. They aim to provide a safe place for them to socialise and connect with other young people in the town.

One of their aims is to build a programme of enrichment trips. This provides young people with an opportunity to develop their social and communication skills and stretches their imagination. There are opportunities to take them out of their comfort zone and helps to build both their self-esteem and confidence. They also aim to provide young people with skills they need for life. One of these is cooking.

A spokesperson said: “They encourage young people to cook healthily and from scratch, rather than buying junk food. They also encourage young people into using the small art room. Any support from food to funding supports them in their mission to improve the lives of all young people in Launceston. All of the services are free – no charge young people. They do find it particularly difficult to source funding for these activities and specifically for the rent and maintenance of their building.”

More information about the youth project can be found at

Launceston Community Market, offering local crafts and produce, meets every Friday morning at Launceston Central Methodist Hall, raising funds for local charities.

The spokesperson added: “We are very pleased to be helping such a valuable and focussed local organisation and would welcome suggestions for the next one.”