A driver couldn't believe her eyes when she saw a plane on the A30 earlier today.

A women from Launceston was on her way to Bodmin when a lorry, towing a large section of an aeroplane, trundled past her on the A30.

She said: "It was something I'd never thought I'd see on the road."

One person suggested it could be the fuselage from a BAC 1-11 from RAF St Mawgan.

The BAC 1-11 was saved from the scrap heap recently when it was acquired by the Solent Sky museum in Southampton following the closer of the Cornwall Aviation Heritage Centre.

The fuselage was due to be transported to Southampton where it would be modified to include a cafe and enable wheelchair access in to the cockpit.

Richard Spencer-Breeze, former co-owner of the Cornwall Aviation Heritage Centre, confirmed: "It is just the fuselage being transported. The rest of the plane has sadly been scrapped."