I AM a regular reader of the Cornish and Devon Post and read with interest Scott Mann’s article in the January 24 issue about the time he was a postman where he recalls “seeing post office managers in tears because they couldn’t balance their tills” and that “his thoughts were with the victims of the scandal” 

If he had first hand experience of this why has he not campaigned harder to get those people he actually knew were ordinary hardworking people properly supported and compensated? And when will this Government (which he is a part of) finally deal with this and ensure everyone affected is compensated and cleared of wrong doing? 

I recently read about Fiona McGowan who lost her home her job her family and finally her life after being falsely accused of stealing £30,000? 

I understand even now some postmasters and postmistresses are still having problems with the Horizon system. 

Barrie Slee

It was pleasing to read in the Cornish & Devon Post this morning that Lawrence House Museum had won an award from the Cornwall Partnership Heritage Fund for its 1830’s Reform Flask.

This, of course, is just one of the many fascinating objects in the collection which reflect the history of the town. I was surprised, however, that there was no mention of the fact that Lawrence House is, at the moment, closed for extensive repairs, and has been for four years. During this time the curator and the unpaid volunteers worked hard to keep the museum alive by opening the pop-up museum in the Square to show selected exhibits.

The volunteers are very much looking forward to Lawrence House reopening its doors as soon as possible. The town has been without one of its greatest assets for far too long.

Pamela Davey