A local group hope to put Launceston in the spotlight with upcoming improvements to the town. 

Following the recent announcement of the new ‘town brand’, which aims to bring some consistency to the town’s marketing and create a local identity,  Launceston Town Plan Group (LTPG) — which includes Launceston Chamber of Commerce, Launceston Town Council, Community Development Trust, Launceston Life, the Orchard Centre and Cornwall Council — have detailed some of its other upcoming changes to the area. 

In 2022, PLACE architects undertook a public consultation asking residents what they would like to see from their town. 

A spokesperson said: “In the public consultation PLACE architects undertook in 2022, we reflected on the feedback from the public, and considered: what will add to the distinctiveness of Launceston; what will increase connectivity between places and people; and what will improve on the contribution that Launceston has to offer. 

“This means identifying and enhancing the attributes that make Launceston unique, easing the ways in which people get into and around in our town, connect with each other and other places, and enabling Launceston to improve on its offering to encourage people into the historic centre. These themes are all part of Launceston’s public conversation, and as architects we look forwards to being a continued part of this living vision, helping to illuminate the terrain ahead.” 

Following this, LTPG have been devising plans to try and improve some of these aspects within the town. 

Speaking to the Post, Annette Baskerville-Smith, chair of LTPG said: “The town brand was our first project, because once you’ve got a brand identity, you can bring the marketing across the whole town, and make Launceston actually recognisable. 

“When we look at things as the Town Plan Group, we’re looking at the success of the town and how things could be improved within the public realm. Through the Town Plan Group, we have successfully received grants funding of over £160,000 for the town. 

“We have managed to purchase a marquee for community use, we also bought extra gazebos to see if we would be able to grow the market, to extend it down some of the side streets.” 

However, following these successful funding bids, the group are looking at how they can enhance Launceston for residents and visitors. 

The group is currently in the process of applying to a number of other grants, with this funding, following feasibility studies.

“The town plan group have looked at three projects,” explained Annette. “Project one, is creating a town centre entrance, and we are looking at down near the castle entrance, because when you look at all the vehicles that drive up and down, there is not an entrance to let people know this is how to get into the town. 

“We’re trying to do this, to attract more people into Launceston. 

“The second priority area is the parade ground. We are looking at creating a lot more enhancements and making the parade ground a much nice place to visit. 

“We’ve already got magnificent views but with careful planning it could look to be a really attractive place. 

“The third and final project, we are looking at the town centre, and that is to ‘green up’ the centre.” 

The three projects have been placed in this order of priority, each hoping to enhance the town and bring more visitors and businesses, as well as creating an enjoyable environment for those that live here. 

 A spokesperson for PLACE architects added: “Launceston is a distinctively beautiful rural town with its heritage buildings of national significance, curious winding streets and Dartmoor vistas. 

“The iconic castle appearing above the roof-scape is a source of unexpected delight for the newcomer and a cherished daily greeting for the local person making their way around town. Launceston deserves a long term vision.”