This week I welcomed the government’s new plans to reform how holiday lets operate as ‘one of the biggest things ever to happen to housing in Cornwall’. 

I have long argued that there needs to be a rebalancing of the local housing market in constituencies like North Cornwall. 

When concentrated too heavily in certain communities, holiday lets can harm community cohesion, the local economy, and people’s ability to find anywhere to live in the communities they call home. 

I appreciate that we need more homes, but we must make sure these homes service our needs locally. More homes but make them first homes. In some of my parishes over 60 per cent of the housing stock consists of second homes and holiday lets. We are seeing huge numbers of new-build properties located away from the traditional tourist resorts now being brought up as holiday lets and second homes. It is unsustainable. Businesses are crying out for staff, and local people are crying out for homes. These changes will stop ever-increasing numbers of homes being changed into holiday lets, and in time will help the market rebalance towards local needs. It is a major step in the right direction and should be celebrated. 

The results won’t be immediate, but these changes will help protect local communities in the years ahead. 

This is the result of Conservative MPs listening to their communities and campaigning alongside Conservative councillors to convince a Conservative government of the need for change. 

It shows what can be achieved by strong local representatives working together. I have called for these specific changes for years now. The fact they are now being implemented is, in my view, one of the biggest things ever to happen to housing in Cornwall, and I am grateful to the government for taking action. 

More information about these changes can be found on my website: 

I was pleased that the Prime Minister attended the National Farmers Union conference and set out a package of support to back British farmers, backing one of North Cornwall’s key industries and backing rural communities.  It has been an unprecedented time for farmers, with global impacts from the illegal invasion of Ukraine alongside significant flooding. 

Thanks to Brexit we are also moving away from the EU’s bureaucratic Common Agricultural Policy which did little for food production or the environment. We are backing our farmers by accelerating our plan to invest £2.4 billion every year in the sector, making sure farmers get a fair price for their produce and strengthening our food security. Through this we will continue to champion our farmers who proudly produce some of the best quality food in the world, keeping us fed while stewarding our beautiful North Cornwall countryside.

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