Not even lockdown could stop the Easter bunny spreading some cheer over the recent bank holiday weekend, as children were gifted chocolate treats on their doorsteps.

In Holsworthy more than 800 chocolate Easter eggs were given out on Easter Sunday, which was met by smiling faces of the children receiving them, explained Jon Hutchings.

Jon, who is a member and founder of the Holsworthy COVID-19 Mutual Aid group said the weeks of planning had been a huge success. He explained: “Several weeks ago Waitrose donated us £300 worth of Easter eggs, so I thought if we could get a few more, perhaps 300, we could do an Easter egg drop.”?

However, after researching how many children were living in Holsworthy, both Jon and the Mutual Aid group discovered they would need a lot more.

With the help of Holsworthy Lions and a donation from Morrisons, they were well-equipped to carry out the Easter egg drop.

Jon said: “All but 10 were given out to local children.?

“It took around eight hours to go around the town and deliver them all, but it was worth it to see all the smiling faces.

?“People were cheering and it was a great atmosphere.”?

The group of volunteers adhered to strict health and safety guidelines during the drop, following the Government’s guidance of social distancing.

Jon continued: “Obviously safety was key.?

“We got some guidance and ensured we cleaned our hands regularly and took temperatures at the start.

“We didn’t go near anyone and put the Easter eggs on doorsteps or at the front of people’s gardens.”

According to Jon the children kept wanting to go over and thank the volunteers who were dropping the chocolate treats in Easter bunny outfits.

“It was a bit frustrating, but the parents were great and told the children to stay away,” said Jon. “It was also really good to see the younger adults taking pleasure in what we were doing.”

The group of volunteers were Jon and Tam Hutchins, Nigel Kenneally, Steph Cornish, Rachael Horton, Noreen and John Rank, Mel Allcorn and Ted England.

Jon continued: “We were offered a lot of help but obviously we had to restrict numbers to adhere to the social distancing guidelines. ?

“We also want to thank Marilyn Chidley and Waitrose, Nichola Wickenden and Morrisons as well as Holsworthy Lions Club for all of their donations.”