A raid in the archive

We weren’t quite sure what to tell you about this week, so we thought we’d raid our archive to find something featuring younger faces!

This week’s raid of the archive takes us back to one of the first Looe Music Festivals in 2012.

Scary to think it was eleven years ago! This particular picture stars the effervescent charmer that is Wayne Brown, who once presented a Sports Show on NCB Radio – every Monday, Wayne and Vard would take over the studio to natter about the weekend’s football.

Being an Aston Villa fan, Wayne was used to disappointment.

This picture features Wayne with an up and coming young chap who did Youtube videos called the Kernow King. Whatever happened to him?

A Belated Happy Birthday

While many of you were celebrating or watching the coronation of King Charles III, one of our team was having a celebration of their own. It was Sonya’s birthday. We’re contractually told to tell you she’s 24 this year. You can raise a gin with Sonya each Monday on her show alongside Ruth and Anna every Monday from 6pm until 8pm.

The end is nigh. Edward B of the Edward B Radio Show is rapidly approaching 500 shows, having joined us in 2013.

The 500th is intended to be his last and he’s been building up towards this moment for a while with endless raids of the archives to bring you different tunes each week.

This week is show 493, meaning there’s only seven to go.

Catch him every Wednesday from 8pm until 11pm on NCB Radio, or view our website to find out where to indulge yourself through his vast archive.

This week’s Schedule


18:00-20:00: Ruth, Anna and Sonya

20:00-22:00: The Moshpit with Luke Patrick


18:00-20:00: The Moore Music Show with Rob Moore

20:00-22:00: Sprigg’s Radio Show with Jonathan Parry

22:00-00:00: Thursday Night Sessions with Dan Sproull (rerun)


18:00-20:00: 120 minutes with Geoff Boswell (Rerun)

20:00-23:00: The Edward B Radio Show


18:00-20:00: The Tony P Radio Show with Tony Pendleton and Doreen McInnerny (rerun)

20:00-2100: Thursday Extra with Tony Pendleton and Doreen McInnerny

21:00-23:00: The Thursday Sessions with Dan Sproull

23:00-00:00: The Dubmatix Bassment Sessions


18:00-20:00: 120 minutes with Geoff Boswell

20:00-22:00: The Old Dusty Decks Show with Jason Baldaro


07:00-11:00: Saturday Breakfast with Gary Jon

11:00-13:00: Aaron James

13:00-15:00: The Tony P Radio Show with Tony Pendleton and Doreen McInnerny

15:00-17:00: Ruth, Anna and

Sonya (rerun)

17:00-19:00: Colm’s Mix Tape with Colm McGregor

19:00-00:00: Perfect Pitch with Vincent Vega


10:00-12:00: Sunday Blues Brunch with Nigel Day

12:00-14:00: Sprigg’s Radio Show with Jonathan Parry (rerun)

14:00-16:00: Colm’s Mixtape with Colm McGregor (rerun)

16:00-18:00: Ruth, Anna and Sonya (rerun)

18:00-20:00: Tony P Radio Show with Tony Pendleton and Doreen McInnerny (rerun)

20:00-22:00: Vinyl Richie Radio Show

22:00-00:00: 120 minutes with Geoff Boswell (rerun)