A DRAKEWALLS speed camera,  one of the two new speed cameras installed along the stretch of the A390 which passes through St Ann’s Chapel and Drakewalls, has been vandalised by having its wires cut – putting it out of action.

The speed camera was installed earlier this year after a nine-year battle to improve road safety for pedestrians, such as those walking to and from the nearby schools, on the busy road through the community.

The incident which has been reported to Devon and Cornwall Police is thought to have taken place during the morning of Thursday, November 30. Moreover, since the initial vandalism, the camera has also been defaced with graffiti reading ‘Greed’.

This follows several other acts of vandalism of speed cameras occurring across Cornwall, such as wires being cut or entire cameras being chopped down apparently in reaction to police catching more speeding drivers with the new cameras.

The speed cameras which are situated at Drakewalls and St Ann’s Chapel were installed after an arduous battle of nearly ten years to improve pedestrian safety following repeated incidents of speeding, including one in which a pedestrian was killed by a motorist speeding through Drakewalls in September 2021, and continuous damage to parked vehicles.

Following the recent incident of vandalism, Calstock Parish Councillor John Wells who was integral in securing the speed cameras said: “The vandalism is pointless because all it does is cost money to repair. The cameras are here to stay.”

Cllr Wells highlighted that since the speed camera has been installed at Drakewalls, residents have voiced how much safer they feel, with reference made to those with children walking to and from school, along with a reduction in noise.

Cllr Wells said: “Since the cameras have been installed, even though we have a much higher level of traffic flowing through St Ann’s these days which is probably due to the increased tolls on the Tamar Bridge, the village is quieter and safer. One resident even remarked to my wife and I recently that she has two young kids that go to the schools and cars have actually stopped to let her and the children cross the road, which is unheard of.  People now feel safer walking along the pavement with their young children and animals. We feel the negativity is minimal.”

A Cornwall Council spokesperson confirmed that they will replace the camera at the earliest opportunity. 

Devon and Cornwall Police are urging anyone with information to contact the police via their website or by calling 101 quoting 50230311830.