PLANS for the construction of three dwellings on land in Holsworthy have been given the short shrift after being rejected by Torridge District Council.

Mr Walter applied to the local authority for permission to build three two-bedroom dwellings on land at Grid Reference 234135 104197 Trewyn Road Holsworthy Devon.

In the planning statement supporting the application, the applicant argued that the three two bed dwellings would help address a need for this type of property in Holsworthy and is of a type ignored by other developers.

However, it has been rejected by Torridge District Council, who refused permission.

Strong objections to the plans were raised by Holsworthy Town Council who cited a number of reasons. In their response to the consultation, the council’s planning committee included: “Lack of adequate private amenity space to dwelling.

“The development site access is very dangerous on a corner with little visibility onto the main A3072 road into town from Bude. There have already been concerns raised about the visibility and speed of traffic using this road so much so that the Devon and Cornwall Police and Crime Commissioners are funding Speedwatch signage along the road.”

Two residents also objected to the plans.

In its refusal notice, Torridge District Council cited two main reasons for the rejection of the proposals, on land which was previously subject to refusals in the past.

These were: The proposal would result in a cramped form of development with a resulting detrimental impact on the amenities of neighbouring and future occupiers, with an overbearing impact on neighbouring occupiers and a poor standard of amenity for future occupants. The proposal would therefore be contrary to the provisions of Policies ST04, DM01, DM04, and DM06 of the North Devon and Torridge Local Plan (2018) and national policy guidance contained within paragraph 130 of the National Planning Policy Framework (2021).

“The proposed design of the dwellings is considered to be at odds with the surrounding character and appearance of this part of Holsworthy and would be out of keeping with the surrounding streetscape. The development is therefore considered to conflict with the provisions of Policies ST04 and DM04 of the North Devon and Torridge Local Plan (2018) as well as national policy guidance contained within the National Planning Policy Framework (2021), particularly paragraph 130.”