THE winner of the Post Photography Competition’s September theme has been announced.

She is Sarah Mulvaney from Launceston, whose photo taken at Roadford Lake really captured the essence of our September competition theme, ‘Changing of the Trees’.

Her entry allowed the transition of autumn to come through in a lovely scene, with the burnt oranges of the sun setting over the lake reflecting through the iconic sundial located at Roadford Lake.

However, another entry that stood out this month was Joanna Speare’s interpretation of an autumnal woodland setting, taken in her home village of St Breward. We loved the leaves gathering at the steps and the eerie mist setting low into the woods.

Joanna also sent in a picturesque entry of the sun setting over the countryside at St Breward, with the ever present Cornish stormy clouds overhead.

With September’s competition wrapped up, we now enter October. The area has had its fair share of wet and blustery weather, and it looks like it’s set to continue, so it only seemed fitting to title October’s competition theme as ‘Raindrops’.

This theme allows budding photographers to get creative with the rain — from capturing raindrops on the window, muddy puddles, glistening cobwebs or a moody rain cloud, the possibilities are endless.

To enter the ‘Raindrops’ photography competition for October, readers with Instagram can post their photo to their feed, tag us — @thepostseries — and message us some details about yourself and the photograph.

For people without Instagram, please send your entry to [email protected], along with a few details.

Best of luck!