A Stratton resident is to be welcomed into the prestigious College of Bards. 

Gorsedh Kernow has announced that it will be welcoming 29 new members to the Cornish College of Bards. 

One member of this specially selected group, is Alan McIntosh, from Stratton. Alan has been chosen to join the College of Bards for his extensive work for Cornish culture and identity in Bude and Stratton. 

“This year we are welcoming new bards whose work for Kernow reflects both traditional and modern aspects of our Cornish culture,” said Grand Bard of Cornwall, Pol Hodge, Mab Stenek Veur. 

The group which hopes to celebrate and promote Cornwall’s Celtic culture, hand pick a select bunch of Cornish residents who have demonstrated their efforts in celebrating the county’s culture. 

“Several new bards are involved with Cornish dance and with traditional and choral music. Others are actors and performers who are working with Cornwall’s prominent and innovative theatre companies and showcasing their expertise on stage and film, both locally and internationally. Some are honoured for their work with Cornish cultural events and with the Old Cornwall Society who work to maintain our traditions and extend our knowledge of them. Others work with Cornish institutions such as the Cornish Gig Association, Porthcurno Cable and Wireless Museum and Wheal Martyn China Clay museum while a number are honoured for their knowledge of and work with the Cornish language. All are important to Cornwall and we are very glad to welcome them this year.” 

Alan, along with 28 other members, will be initiated at the annual bardic ceremony on September 2 at Prideaux Place, Padstow, as part of the Esedhvos festival.