Launceston students have been channelling their inner Sir Alastair Cook this week, as they test out their cricket skills.  

Pupils at St Stephen’s Academy in Launceston have been getting stuck into their first few sessions of a six-week cricket coaching programme.  

The programme comes as part of the ‘Cornwall Cricket Programme’.

Maura Furber, headteacher at the school explained: “As a school we are so fortunate to have been selected to be part of the Cornwall Cricket Programme via Chance To Shine. This involves a free Cricket Coaching Programme for six weeks.”

Chance to Shine works in schools to provide children with a positive first experience of cricket.

A spokesperson from the charity explained: “As well as the physical benefits of regular activity, we use cricket to teach children important key life skills that will help them beyond the playground.

“Through the values of cricket, we teach children about respect and fair play.

“Cricket is also an effective way to develop skills like communication, leadership and perseverance that will benefit them throughout their life.

“Cricket is an inclusive sport, where girls and boys can play and learn together. We think that normalising female participation in cricket is a hugely important and valuable part of the work that we do.”

Discussing students’ first session, Maura said:“This fantastic opportunity is being delivered by Jasper Presswell and we had our first sessions last week. Throughout the day Jasper coached children in Class 7, YF , Year 1 and Year 2. Then after school he ran a cricket club for our Year 5 and Year 6 pupils.  

“The children absolutely loved the sessions learning new skills and different aspects of the game. 

“Our school values of Relationships and Leadership well and truly in action. We can’t wait for Jasper to return next week.”