Times Past: The Post is grateful to Leanne Hampshire for supplying this photograph of Roger Pethick and Colin Frohlick confidently demonstrating the ‘Splat the Rat’ game at Trevalga fete.

Leanne, who lived in the neighbouring hamlet of Trethevy for 38 years, has been supporting the ongoing ‘Save Trevalga’ campaign, as the hamlet try to halt the sale of the Manor of Trevalga by the Gerald Curgenven Will Trust.

Leanne said: “It has always had a special place in my heart...What is always memorable is how the whole diverse community, whatever their age or views, pull together and collaborate to maintain the spirit and well being of the place that they call home.”

It is believed this photograph was taken in the early 1990’s — do any of our readers have memories fromt eh trevalga Fete they would like to share or more images from this community occasion?