It’s the big day! Only three days until Father Christmas makes his arrival. However, for residents of Launceston, the jolly man with his red coat and big white beard will be making an appearance sooner than Christmas Day, as he embarks on his tour of the town. 

Today (December 22), Father Christmas will be making his way around the town in his sleigh. While you can listen out for the sound of his bells, here are the times you can see him and wave as he goes by. 

Where you can see Santa in Launceston:

Town Hall – 5.00pm

St Thomas Road 5.05pm

Newport Square – 5.10pm

Duke Street – 5.15pm

North Street (St Stephens) – 5.15pm

Roydon Road – 5.15pm

St Joseph’s Road (Lanstephan) – 5.20pm 

Broad Park – 5.30pm 

Dutson Road – 5.35pm 

Queen Elizabeth Road (Ridgegrove) – 5.35pm 

Newport Square – 5.40pm

St Thomas Road – 5.40pm 

Town Square (Taxi Rank) – 5.45pm 

Kensey Valley Meadow inner roundabout – 5.55pm 

Tavistock Road – 5.55pm

Snowdrop Crescent – 6.05pm 

Robin Drive – 6.05pm 

Longfield Road (Slip Road) – 6.15pm

Kit Hill Close/Hurdon Way Junction – 6.25pm

Link Road – 6.35pm

Woburn Close – 6.40pm

Woburn Garage – 6.40pm

St Johns Road – 6.50pm

Moorland Road (Upper Chapel) – 6.55pm

Summerhill Road7.00pm

Highfield Road – 7.05pm

Meadowside – 7.10pm