ON Sunday, Cornwall's Short Mat Bowling Premier Team face Somerset at Carnmoggas in the Inter Counties Championship, writes Nicholas Truscott. 

With a number of this season's regular players unavailable, team manager Luke Jolly has taken the opportunity to try some different formations in the team. 

Simon Lees and Steve Smith move to the Pairs. A revised Triples line-up sees John Read, Mark Slack and Mike Dyer in Triple 1 and Austen Runnalls, Ray Jeffery & Martin Boraston in Triple 2. 

Mark Payne and Kevin Williams, making his first appearance of the year, join Morgan Lees and Richard Kerr in Four 1.  Mark Williams steps up from the A Team for this match in Four 2.

Cornwall are currently 52 points behind Devon in the standings with this game in hand.  A big win for Cornwall against Somerset will narrow that gap ahead of matches home and away against Devon. 

The full team is: Nigel Nicholls (Newlyn Trinity), Luke Jolly (Holmans), David Studden (Holmans), Elise Daniell (Holmans), Steve Smith (St Newlyn East), Simon Lees (Newlyn Trinity), Mike Dyer (Newlyn Trinity), Mark Slack (Duloe), John Reed (Duloe), Martin Boraston (Duloe), Ray Jeffery (Newlyn Trinity), Austen Runnalls (Luxulyan), Kevin Williams (Porthleven), Richard Kerr (Landrake),Mark Payne (Penzance), Morgan Lees (Newlyn Trinity), Peter Hore (Holmans), Mark Williams (Lanteglos), John Worton (St Newlyn East) & Sandra Worton (St Newlyn East).