By Jane Anderson


AM Pursuit One ON ARRIVAL at the lake the winds were light, but by the time the race started they had increased to a fairly brisk breeze with gusty puffs in between, making conditions somewhat challenging.

Six boats set off on a pre-set timed course; the slower boats going off first followed by gradually faster boats in their handicap order.

Vicki Duncalf and Jane Anderson in their Toppers were off at the start, followed a few minutes later by Linda Spiller in her Laser Radial, Robin Spiller and Dave Perrett in their Solos, and Nathan Pollard bringing up the rear in his much-faster Laser Full Rig.

His time penalty was quite high when you think that Jane was leading the race and rounding the most distant of the marks as Nathan was starting his race!

As the race progressed, the wind backed round towards the north, causing Robin to put his boat aground on the way up to Far mark.  Jane was managing to fend Nathan off, but Vicki was eventually overtaken by him in the 52nd minute, giving him second place. 

With the course lasting for 68 minutes precisely, the results were: 1 Jane Anderson, 2 Nathan Pollard, 3 Linda Spiller, 4 Dave Perrett, 5 Vicki Duncalf. Retired: Robin Spiller. PM Commodore’s Cup NATHAN Pollard was first to cross the start line on an altered course from the morning race, while the winds had increased further, making it a real challenge.

All competitors managed to finish the three laps of the course and were rather relieved to come ashore for tea after a rather difficult afternoon so early in the season. Results: 1 Nathan Pollard; 2 Jane Anderson; 3 Dave Perrett; 4 Vicki Duncalf; 5 John Dabbs and his trusty crew of 2! (Bosun); 6 Louise Witchell with crew Bob Sampson (Bosun) Thanks to Brian Pollard and Cilla Gilbert for doing the officer of the day duties and Mandy Pollard for taking the photos.