CORNWALL opened their Inter County Championship campaign with an away trip to Dorset on Sunday, writes Nicholas Truscott

In the Premier Team match, Cornwall started with one win in the first session recorded by Nigel Nicholls in the Singles winning 21-5. 

The second session again only produced one win for Cornwall thanks to Austen Runnalls, Mark Payne & Steve Smith in the Triples winning 13-11.  

At the halfway point in the match, Cornwall trailed by four points to 12 and 126 points to 92.

Cornwall enjoyed a strong third session winning both Singles, with Nigel Nicholls 18-9 and Luke Jolly 12-11 also securing the bonus points. 

Elise Daniell & David Studden won 17-8 in the Pairs.  Unfortunately, Cornwall didn’t pick up any further points to finish with a final score of Dorset 28 points 224 shots Cornwall 12 points 170 shots.

Premier scores (Dorset first): Singles – Nigel Nicholls (Newlyn Trinity) 5-21 & 9-18, Luke Jolly (Holmans) 20-9 & 11-12. PAIRS – David Studden (Holmans) & Elise Daniell (Holmans) 16-9 & 8-17, Martin Boraston (Duloe) & Jon Reed (Duloe) 17-13 & 18-11. TRIPLES – Percy Tripp (Helston), Mark Slack (Duloe) & Simon Lees (Newlyn Trinity) 26-12 & 12-4, Steve Smith (St Newlyn East), Mark Payne (Penzance) & Austen Runnalls (Luxulyan) 11-13 & 14-5. FOURS – Neil Gribble (Landrake), Richard Kerr (Landrake), Ray Jeffery (Newlyn Trinity) & Morgan Lees (Newlyn Trinity) 12-11 & 15-6, Peter Hore (Holmans), Nicholas Truscott (Holmans), John Worton (St Newlyn East) & Sandra Worton (St Newlyn East) 19-4 & 11-5.

The Premier Team are next in action on Sunday, October 15, away to Somerset at Wincanton War Memorial Hall. 

The A Team drew the first session with wins in the Singles for Mark Williams 14-9 and in the Pairs for Leonard Lee & Rita Hancock 13-12.  

The second session saw the points shared with Cornwall winning both Fours games – Heidi Kerr, Steve Williamson, Tony Jago & Brenda Sleep 15-4 and Dianne Shorthouse, Mark Albon, Caroline Trubshaw & David Topliffe 8-7.

At the halfway point in the match, the points were shared 8-8 with Cornwall marginally ahead on shots 110 to 101.

The third session saw the game points shared with wins in the Singles for Dennis Shorthouse 20-13 and Carol & John Dodd 16-8 in the Pairs.  

Cornwall secured the bonus points in both disciplines to lead the match 16 points to 12. In the final session, Cornwall won two games, Phil Searle, Graham Reeves & Alan Trubshaw 11-8 in the Triples and Brenda Sleep’s Fours with a repeat of their 15-4 morning score.  

Cornwall secured the bonus points on the Fours to win the match by 22 points to 18 and 191 shots to 174.

A Team scores (Dorset first): SINGLES – Dennis Shorthouse (Landrake) 15-12 & 13-20, Mark Williams (Lanteglos) 9-14 & 17-10. PAIRS – Rita Hancock (Blisland) & Leonard Lee (Duloe) 12-13 & 11-10, John Dodd (St Newlyn East) & Carol Dodd (St Newlyn East) 16-15 & 8-16. TRIPLES – Ken Horrell (Withiel), Eileen Williams (Lanteglos) & Meg Horrell (Withiel) 9-7 & 11-8, Alan Trubshaw (Duloe), Graham Reeves (Landrake) & Graham Luke (Withiel) 14-9 & 8-11. FOURS – Brenda Sleep (Dobwalls), Tony Jago (Withiel), Steve Williamson (Luxulyan) & Heidi Kerr (Landrake) 4-15 & 4-15, David Topliffe (Boscastle), Caroline Trubshaw (Duloe), Mark Albon (Luxulyan) & Dianne Shorthouse (Landrake) 7-8 & 16-8.

The A Team are next in action on Sunday, November 5, at home to Dorset at Carnmoggas.

This Sunday, the first of three rounds of Inter Area League fixtures will be played at Carnmoggas, with teams representing each of the four league areas.