A Bodmin family-owned business is celebrating further success after their latest inspection saw their hygiene rating upgraded further.

Celtic Produce, a fruit and vegetable wholesaler and farm shop, recently received a three out of five rating for hygiene after previously getting a zero, which had been contested and felt by the business owners to be "over-zealous and unfair".

However, a more recent re-inspection, seeking to see if the business had upheld the standards from the previous visit, saw further cause for celebration when it was confirmed by the inspector that they were being awarded four out of five.

It is a healthy reward for the business, owned by the Frost family, after a period where major effort was put into addressing the feedback from the inspections, leading to a change in layout of the building and changes in practices to maximise the possible rating.

The new rating means that the business is considered by the inspectors to have gone from a three, meaning ‘hygiene standards are generally satisfactory’ to a four, meaning ‘hygiene standards are good'.

A spokesperson for Celtic Produce said: “We’re delighted that after Christmas we had a further inspection that led to us receive a four-star rating.

“Whilst we disputed some of the outcomes from the initial inspection, we were committed to working with the inspector to give ourselves a rating the business deserves.

“We thank Cornwall Council for working with us and our loyal customers for continually supporting us. Here’s to 2024.”