A town council have confirmed when the broken play equipment at one of its play parks is set to be replaced.  

 The roundabout at Bencoolen Play Park in Bude has been out of use in recent months, and until recently had been surrounded by fencing in order to prevent people using the equipment.  

However, Bude-Stratton Town Council has said that individuals have been removing the temporary fencing and wedges in place to keep the area secure and people safe from the broken equipment.  

The council has now re-inserted the wedges and added an out of order sign in order to prevent people trying to use it.  

They have also now announced that the broken equipment is set to be replaced in November, when new play equipment is installed in the area.  

A spokesperson for Bude-Stratton Town Council said: “The roundabout is temporarily out of order. It will be replaced in November when the new play park equipment is installed.  

“Despite our best efforts to keep people away from the roundabout, some individuals have removed the temporary fencing and wedges meant to keep the area secure. We have reinserted the wedges and added an ‘out of order’ sign for everyone’s safety. Please don’t use it!”  

Responses to the announcement were mixed, with residents calling for spending elsewhere.  

One resident said: “The park was only replaced a few years ago yet now more money is being spent on it yet there is still nothing (at the) Flexbury End of town. No news on the skate park renovation and no multi sports court or flat playground area in Flexbury for football/basketball etc. Flexbury is seemingly forgotten when it comes to facilities for kids.” 

Another said: “It is about time they replaced some play equipment at Berries Avenue Park, they remove but not replace and just leave the framework. It looked like a couple of good swings were there and removed, these parks need maintaining or they look scruffy”.