A TOWN council has issued a message of defiance after a flag put up ahead of Pride Month was the subject of vandalism.

Bude-Stratton Town Council, reacting to the act of vandalism at two flag poles, said that they would not be bullied into removing flags that represented members of the community. The act of vandalism comes amid a small number complaints over the decision to fly the flag.

It confirmed that at one of the two sites where the ‘pride flag’ was flown, the flagpole it was flown from, at The Castle, had also been damaged rendering it unusable until repairs had been made.

The authority confirmed it had reported the damage to Devon and Cornwall Police, with action set to be taken, adding that in their view, everyone is welcome into the town.

A spokesperson for Bude-Stratton Town Council said: “Both Pride flags that were put up by the Town Council for Pride month were forcibly removed on Friday evening. The flagpole at The Castle was damaged, rendering it unusable until repairs have been made.

“This vandalism and the damage caused has been reported to the police and action will be taken.

“Every hour spent dealing with these issues costs the residents of Bude-Stratton. Everyone is welcome in our town, and we will not be bullied into removing flags that represent members of our community.”