Launceston welcomed a new Mayor this afternoon, with Cllr Helen Bailey taking over the role from Mayor of two years, Cllr Leighton Penhale, at the town’s Mayor Choosing. 

This afternoon, Launceston Town Council hosted a traditional Mayor Choosing Ceremony. The ceremony welcomed organisations, local dignitaries, and residents of the area to witness the election of a new mayor. 

With unanimous vote on the motion, Cllr Helen Bailey, who has served as Deputy Mayor until this time, was elected and sworn in as new Mayor. 

Cllr Bailey is now the next in a long line of Mayor’s of Launceston, a line which spans more than 800 years. In a speech to those in attendance, Cllr explained that it is an “enormous honour to be elected as mayor of Launceston,” adding that it is “a privilege to to hold this position.”

Stepping into the role of Mayor means leading the town council in efforts and causes which will benefit the area. Some of these at the top of the list for Cllr Bailey include the Library, Museum, Skatepark and upgrades to the Christmas switch on. 

“Town residents are at the forefront of the decision this council makes,” she told guests. “Launceston is the best live, laugh, work, and play.”

As well as this, it is the Mayor’s responsibility to nominate charities for the council to fundraise for, these chosen charities are Man Down, and Launceston Leisure Centre. 

Cllr Penhale also took to the stage to thank everyone for their support during his time as Mayor, as well as wishing Cllr Bailey well during her time as Mayor. “The castle is still standing, our splendid town hall is still so, the leisure centre has reopened! I think things are looking up for our town,’ he said. 

“While I am certain there is room for improvement, I am also certain that you, Mayor Hellen, will do that.”

Cllr Penhale also praised the generosity of the people in Launceston, calling it “quite magnificent”, finally he thanked Cllr Bailey for her work as his deputy, saying: “Helen, my deputy, thank you so much, I couldn’t have wished for better,” before signing off “Thank you Helen, you are now in charge!”