Scott Mann MP has welcomed the Conservative government’s Autumn Statement for Growth which was announced this morning (November 22). 

Commenting, Scott Mann MP said: “This Government is making progress in tackling the immediate pressures in the economy, such as reducing the rate of inflation to help people across North Cornwall with the cost of living. 

“This Autumn Statement for Growth is a result of the difficult decisions the government have taken – meaning the Government are now in a position to cut taxes, for businesses and people, and boost economic growth across North Cornwall.”

Commenting, Chancellor of the Exchequer Jeremy Hunt MP said: “With inflation falling, and global economic conditions stabilising, we are now able to turn our attention to the long-term decisions required to strengthen our economy and build a brighter future. 

“Our Autumn Statement for Growth takes those long-term decisions to reduce debt, cut tax, reward hard work and back British business right across the country. 

“By doing so we are making huge progress in tackling the long-term economic challenges facing the UK so we can build a more dynamic economy that delivers prosperity across our United Kingdom.”