Following a recent appeal in the 'Post' to find a new home for Doug and Smokey, two stray cats who had become the best of friends at the RSPCA Centre in St Columb, a Bude couple have offered the pair a loving home. Doug (ginger) and Smokey (grey) were taken into the centre separately as strays and befriended each other. They formed such a close bond, with Doug taking care of Smokey, who is partially sighted, that centre staff sought a new home for them together. Mr and Mrs Bowden from Bude saw the story in the Bude & Stratton Post and thought they could offer a home to both of them. The couple have promised to keep the centre updated on how the cats are doing. A spokesman for the RSPCA said: "Doug and Smokey came into the centre last May and have been a firm favourite with the staff ever since. We are all really pleased they have at last found a new loving home."