The plans for 250 homes on land at Stourscombe Farm have been criticised by a resident. 

Les Whaley, said he felt the advertising of the public consultation was inadequate and the plans inappropriate.

After attending the consultation, he shared his thoughts with the Post, saying: “I, along with other residents in the Stourscombe area went to  the public consultation by Greenslade-Taylor-Hunt who were presenting emerging proposals for a new residential development and local highway improvements at Stourscombe Farm Launceston.

“The promoter GTH failed to put notices out in the area or speak to residents bordering the Stourscombe Farm development. 

“Without the notice emailed to me by Launceston Town Council and the notice in the Cornish & Devon Post, many residents would not have been aware of the opportunity to see the exhibition at the Guildhall in Launceston on Monday, September 25.

“As residents in Stourscombe, we understand the government, and Cornwall Council’s commitment to build more houses in Launceston but it was clear from past public meetings in the town that all future housing developments in the southern area of Launceston would be to the right areas along the A388 going to Callington alongside the Wainhomes site at Withnoe Farm and Hay Common which was listed in the ‘Launceston Southern Growth Area Masterplan’. What has changed? We need from  hear from Cornwall Council on the matter.

“One understood at the time that Bovis Homes would be building around 300 houses in the fields next to the Wainhomes development as they were not extending into the fields and now their site has been finished and there has been no start to building homes to the right of the A388.

“In the last few years there have been documents listed ‘Help us plan for Launceston’ and the ‘Launceston Southern Growth Area Masterplan’ in 2019 and 2020 of which, in 21 pages listed the need for housing and commercial use and a southern loop road taking growth in housing and shops in Launceston to 2030 and beyond all to the right of the A388, the aim was to avoid piecemeal ad-hoc development occurring.

“So with no development next to the Wainhomes site and still no houses being started next to the link road, why is there a need for housing within the Stourscombe Farm Fields which were never listed in past plans for Launceston?

“Many residents in the Stourscombe area have concerns about drains and sewers with the fields around the Stourscombe Farm being higher than the houses from the Redrow and Barratt development. 

“Residents in part of Snowdrop Crescent have had to deal with problems with the sewers from pumped waste coming over the A388 from other homes and having to live with strong smells from road drains. This was not planned with the  developers that built  20 years ago which then was called Eastfields now Stourscombe Vale, Kensey Parc.

“We hope that Cornwall Council and Launceston Town Council will support their residents’ concerns and support all housing developments to the right of the A388 and off the link road.

“There is need  for a more mixed developments with two to three bed bungalows in Launceston which is much needed by people who wish to down size which would free up four to five bed homes for families.

“For those people who find the new homes are out of their price range, this should be covered by Cornwall Council in building more council houses in Launceston now. The other question being asked about the Stourscombe Farm development is where does the footpath run to give people access to Tesco and schools? Is it though to Robin Drive and Snowdrop Crescent? 

“We already have a limited town bus service that now only covers part of Tavistock Road so any developments in the southern area of Launceston will need a full southern area bus service to our town centre. With people still having problems in having a face to face GP meeting at our medical centre, there could be a need of a medical centre in the southern area of Launceston?”

Previously GTH said: “The development proposals are currently at an early stage and the feedback received from the local community at the event will be used to help shape the proposals moving forward, prior to the submission of a planning application to Cornwall Council.”

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