More than 100 scarecrows have now been made in a North Cornwall village, as residents take part in a community based nomination.

In a bid to bring some community spirit to Kilkhampton, and showcase their support for frontline and essential workers, locals have been nominating one another to build key worker scarecrows.

So far, 139 dressed mannequins have now been made and can be seen within the village; ranging from shop workers, nurses and farmers.

The catalyst for this ‘scarecrow’ nomination has been Vinnie James, whose mum came up with the idea. Vinnie explained: “My mum Val Shadrick came up with the idea of making some key worker scarecrows.

“I have a four and seven-year-old and thought we would crack on and make ours.”

Vinnie decided to upload their creation to Facebook and see if anyone else would be willing to make their own.

She said: “We made a shop worker and then I posted a photo on my timeline and tagged five friends and then other people started making more and tagging their friends.”

The scarecrows have even started to spread outside the village, appearing in both Holsworthy and Bude — with new additions each day,

“I think we are up to around 139 scarecrows so far in Kilk, with more on the way,” said Vinnie.

Due to most people being confined to their own homes and subject to essential travel, Vinnie and Val thought this idea would be a good way to give people in the village something to enjoy.

Vinnie added: “With all the uncertainty at the moment we thought it was a nice activity for everyone to have a go at and give people of the village something to enjoy looking at on their daily walks and also those driving through the village something nice to see.

“It has really taken off and has given us all something to smile about.”