The Safety of Rwanda Act has now received Royal Assent. I am very proud to have been the whip in charge of getting this through the House of Commons. We have made good progress stopping the boats – the number of small boat arrivals fell by a third in 2023. But that is not enough. For as long as this route is viable, people will keep coming.

This is why Rwanda matters. The only way to stop the boats is to remove the incentive to come – by making clear that if you come here illegally, you will not be allowed to stay. We can now start the process of sending the first flights of illegal migrants to Rwanda and deter people from coming illegally in the first place. This will be one of the most complex operational endeavours carried out by the Home Office, but we are ready, and plans are in place.

It should be this country and your government who decide who comes here, not criminal gangs. That’s why we will do whatever it takes to get flights off and stop the boats. Unfortunately, our opposition in Parliament and in North Cornwall do not want to stop the boats. They voted against this legislation at every opportunity, in defiance of what people across the UK and our community want – a fair and reasonable immigration policy, with a proper deterrent against those who would break the law to enter the UK.

According to the trade magazine and website,, the UK is now the fourth largest exporter of goods and services in the world, overtaking France, Netherlands and Japan. According to the latest statistics from the UN Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), which leads on global trade for the UN, the UK has overtaken France, Netherlands and Japan to take fourth position, behind only China, the US, and Germany.

In a separate report, the recently published 'The True Impact of UK Manufacturing’ shows the industry is worth £518-billion and supports 7.3-million UK jobs directly and across the supply chains/communities it operates in. This represents nearly a quarter of the total GDP (23 per cent) and is far bigger than the direct contribution of 8.2 per cent which is usually quoted by economists. Carried out by Oxford Economics and the Manufacturing Technologies Association (MTA), the in-depth report also shows that ‘making things’ accounts for 34.5 per cent of all UK goods and services exports.

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