The Causley Trust has moved into one of Launceston’s oldest surviving buildings. 

After being based in the Southgate Arch in Launceston for several years, The Causley Trust have now moved into 11a Merchant House in the centre of town. 

Merchant House is thought to be one of the oldest surviving buildings in the town. It sits in a prominent location on the edge of the Square and has been a backdrop to events which have happened in the town for nearly 500 years. 

Grade II listed, the building has been on the Historic England and Cornwall Buildings group “Buildings at Risk” register for many years, and now it is the home to The Causley Trust. 

The Trust’s pop-up hub is a creative space, selling Charles Causley books and hosting drop in, informal workshops weekly. 

Following funding setbacks, The Causley Trust remains in a critical phase and urgently needs support. 

A spokesperson from the Trust said: “By attending our events, you support our mission to preserve Charles Causley’s legacy, empower individuals creatively, and provide opportunities for people, in and around Launceston, to engage with the arts. 

“If you would like to find out more about our work, visit and consider becoming a member or donating, to help them continue the work that they do.”