CORNWALL Council have announced the upcoming closure of employment and education support service, CSW.  

Cornwall Council, Devon County Council, Plymouth City Council, and Torbay Council announced this afternoon, that following a review of their ownership have concluded that CSW’s funding and operational position ‘has changed such that the company is no longer viable’.  

However, the cabinets of each authority have agreed that a ‘new approach must be taken that ensures there is minimal impact on the young people who use the education and employment support services provided by CSW.’  

A spokesperson for Cornwall Council added: “All owner authorities are also committed to retaining the company’s significant expertise, which for Devon, Plymouth and Torbay means reintegrating CSW staff ‘in-house’. Cornwall will take the same approach and/or commission an expert provider to take them on.” 

The councils have said that detailed planning is under way to coordinate the final transition of CSW Group’s operations on April 1, 2025 and the aim is for CSW Group to close by June 2025.       

A spokesperson continued: “Whilst clearly a difficult moment of change for staff, owners and customers, the four local authorities believe that now is the right time to make this change if the expertise and high-quality service that has benefitted the Peninsula for the past 30 years is to be preserved.      

“Owners and management will be seeking to work closely in support of wider staff members and customers who are not to be part of the transfer process, helping them to find new opportunities within the peninsula where appropriate.      

“We remain committed to ensuring young people receive the highest level of support around career choices and when making the transition between education and employment.    

“We would like to thank the staff of CSW Group for their commitment and dedication to supporting young people for more than three decades and look forward to working with them to make this transition as smooth as possible.”