Although we are in the middle of summer it is important to look ahead, so I’m pleased to see that the NHS has set out its Winter Plan, with new measures to speed up discharge and improve patient care as we deliver on the Prime Minister’s promise to cut waiting lists. 

The winter months are particularly busy for the NHS so it is vital staff can coordinate the best discharge options for patients to alleviate pressure and improve patient care. That is why the NHS is setting out its Winter Plan, which includes the rollout of ‘care traffic control’ centres to help staff coordinate the best possible discharge options by bringing together teams from the NHS, social care, and voluntary services.

This will help staff offer patients everything they need in one place, whether that is at home or in social or community care.  The announcement builds our Long Term Workforce Plan and other winter preparations that are already underway, with over 800 new ambulances and 5,000 more hospital beds set to be in place to ensure patients receive the best possible care this winter as we work to cut waiting lists.

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