RESIDENTS of Launceston have expressed their frustration with Cornwall Council after another large vehicle became stuck in a local hotspot due to a lack of proper signposting.

Last week, a heavy goods vehicle got wedged along Castle Street in Launceston after colliding with a wall. 

The HGV collided with the a wall at around 8.30am on Thursday, May 16, leaving the road blocked and the wall of a nearby historic building damaged.  

HGV wall crash on Castle Street in Launceston
The road was completely blocked by the vehicle (Tindle)

The incident occurred when the driver’s satnav instructed him to follow Castle Street, despite several points of the route being unsuitable for a vehicle of such a size. 

Residents in the area have, for several years, expressed the need for signage along the road to indicate that vehicles over a certain size are unable to use the route. 

Andrew Statton, the owner of the affected building, said: “We have been pushing for signage with Cornwall Council for several years.  

“This has become a regular occurrence, happening around twice a year.”  

Residents explained that despite their efforts, Cornwall Council, who are responsible for the implementation of road signs, have not yet provided the necessary signposting.  

Cornwall Council have been approached for comment on the matter.

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